Monday, January 26, 2009

Hello all, here is a little look at Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year Video

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hong Kong, a few of our favorite things:
-Victoria peak park tram ride to get an awesome view of the harbor and Hong Kong.
-Taking the double-decker bus front seat down the windy mountain on the opposite side of the road we are used to.
-Exploring the island, biggest sitting Buddha
-Watching the sunset on the beach together. In a place with so many people we felt like we had the whole world to ourselves.
-Taking the ferry to see the light show on the harbor. Lots of buildings are choreographed with lights and music so everyone can watch the show.
-Attending the temple! Even though we did some temple work in Cantonese we still felt the spirit and were grateful to do service for our brothers and sisters of that land. Being able to do marriage ceilings to commemorate our anniversary was a sweet experience.

Yangshou Memories:
-Cold and overcast weather made us layer up in all of our clothes
-Bike rides through the countryside and mountains
-Being interviewed on the local news during an outdoor Christmas caroling concert
Accompanied by an out of tune brass band
-Western Christmas breakfast on the roof with friends we met on the road
-Bamboo boat ride down the Lijiang River
-Road side Shish kabob Christmas dinner
-Reading Christmas stories from the Ensign really helped us to have the Christmas spirit
-Singing songs from a little caroling book

Dragon Back Rice Terraces:
-One year anniversary!
-Morning hike before the fog rolled in to stay
-Yao village, intrusive locals always trying to sell mass produced handicrafts and have you pay to have them carry your baggage
-Yao village woman have extremely long hair tied up on their hair
-Indulging in our daily rationed special treat of hot chocolate
-Celebrating Hanukkah with new Israeli friends, singing, candle lighting, talking about religion, sharing meal and treats together, and playing games
-Returning to Beijing really felt like going home