Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New way to see the pictures!

Hello all! We have made a decision on how we will upload photos to our blog. Because blogspot will only allow us to upload 5 pictures at a time, we have decided to use facebook which allows us to upload 60 at a time, but don't you worry all you non-facebook users, we can still share them with you! Below are the links you can use to take a look! We just want you to know that these pictures do no justice for pretty much everything we have seen, they are all about a thousand times better in real life! If any of you would like to see all 4000+ pictures you are welcome to do so when we return home. We love you all!

China Album 1
China Album 2
China Album 3
China Album 4

There are some repeat pictures in the first 2 albums or so, but the others are all new from our trip to "The Wild West of China" Yes that's right we traveled to the Yunnan Provence which is bordered by Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Tibet, and Sichuan (where the big earthquake was), we were also within about 50 miles of India. We got to see lots of different things in this non-exhaustive list.

Tibetan culture including people, religion, and of course food!

Many Chinese minority groups in all the villages, including the Naxi and Yi people!

We saw the famous Jade Dragon Snow Mountain at 18,044 Feet!

We hiked Tiger Leaping Gorge, which is the worlds deepest Gorge at 12,795 Feet deep!

We saw and hiked to a huge glacier in the shadow of Mt. Kawa Karpo at a staggaring 22,113 Feet!

We also were able to visit the cities of Lijiang, Shang-rila, Deqin, Feilai Si, Kunming, Dali, and rode bikes and drove through countless small villages and rice fields.

Over all we have to say it was a great trip! 12 days of adventure on overnight buses, hostels, villagers, old Chinese women trying to get us to smoke weed (the people in this area use marijuana seeds as a spice on their food), and about anything else you could imagine! Enjoy the pictures and there are some videos below for your entertainment!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Tamara's 25th Birthday Surprise party!

An alternate habit instead of smoking. We are trying to promote it here in China. They have great sunflower seeds.

A view of the sunset from our campus.
This is one of our favorite dishes here. They are fried peanuts, with some kind of dark vinegar, cilantro, and garlic. They are amazing.

Michael is a great husband for many reasons. Most recently he has won his wife's heart by planning a surprise party with all of our students. The cake was beautiful.

Date night for celebrating five month anniversary! We have been trying to utilize the nice facilities at the police academy. Such as the bowling alley. Someday Tamara may break 100 points.
Bowling at the Police Academy!
Flying some Chinese Kites.

Some ultimate!
We don't think that a piece of playground equipment such as this would be approved in the states, but we thought that one like it in someones yard would be cool! This is a picture of the Beijing 1st and 3rd Branches at the summer goodbye BBQ. Many of the Expats go back to the states for the summer.
If I wasn't white they might let me be in the real Beijing Police Force.

They will let Tamara in because she makes a dang good looking Police Officer!
Favorite Chinese past time: Karaoke!!! Funny thing is, we are the only two who don’t drink yet we have just as much fun and are just as crazy dancers as they are.
All you can eat pizza buffet exists in China!!!
For a change it was really a treat to eat pizza with our students. Yes, it was different than in the states but we still indulged on every bite of cheese consumed!

Michael is an even happier man now that a friend let us borrow their guitar. He was a big hit in this weeks English talent show for class. Tamara also has enjoyed the wooing by her handsome and very talented husband.

We have been asked to help out in the nursery.

This is our friend Jesse, who we have been staying with on the weekends!
We found these beauties while we were out shopping.

Michael is a great husband for many reasons. Most recently he has won his wife's heart by planning a surprise party with all of our students. The cake was beautiful.